Wednesday 06 July 2022

Quarter of supported tenants face housing benefit cut from 2024

Quarter of supported tenants face housing benefit cut from 2024

Around 300,000 tenants who receive support to pay their rent will see their benefit cut under reforms due to be implemented in 18 months’ time, RTL reports. The current housing benefit method, which is calculated on the basis of how much tenants actually pay, will be replaced by a flat rate from 2024 if a proposal by housing minister Hugo de Jonge becomes law. Around three-quarters of the 1.3 million people who are entitled to housing benefit will receive an... More >

New mortgages are getting smaller

The average size of a mortgage has gone down for the first time in three years, in a further indication that the overheated Dutch housing market may be cooling down. Mortgage broker De Hypotheker reported on Friday that the average mortgage it agreed in the second quarter of the year was €322,000, which is down €4,000 on the same period last year. It also the first year on year decline since 2019. There are wide regional variations, De Hypotheker said,... More >

Service cost tenants head to rent tribunal

Around 650 tenants of two Amsterdam buildings run by the company Change= are raising individual complaints against service charges which they say are unclear. The Woon foundation, a council-funded tenant rights body, announced that it has so far started 640 separate procedures with the rent tribunal Huurcommissie, in a long-running dispute about costs. The cases involve tenants who want clarity on charges from the building developer and manager Change= and the owners, Luxembourg-based PEC Persimmon SARL and the ISFII Amsterdam... More >

Property taxes need reform: economists

Chief economists from the three big Dutch banks, and two professors of finance policy have outlined their thoughts on getting the housing market moving again – by increasing taxes on home owners and boosting the supply of new homes. The government’s current strategy is based on ‘papering over cracks’ rather than boosting access to the housing market, reducing inequality between tenants and home owners, and tackling prices, the five say in an article in Thursday’s NRC and economists’ journal ESB.... More >

Amsterdam freezes holiday rental fines

Amsterdam city council has pledged to review huge fines handed out to citizens for making innocent mistakes in holiday rentals. At a council meeting attended by two dozen members of the public who run holiday rentals, the new head of housing Zita Pels said that the city would re-think its policy on punitive fines for first-time offenders. In the meantime, she said, contested fines will be frozen while she investigates the legal position around reversing penalties deemed unfair. Around 30... More >

Landlord 'intimidation' claim stands

Tenant rights foundation Woon does not have to remove or rectify a news blog that said tenants felt ‘intimidated’ by property firm Change after a dispute about costs, according to a court ruling. Change is a property developer and management company that offers what it calls ‘networked living’ for employed young people – low cost studios with other services and facilities such as a gym and fast internet charged as extras. However, 250 tenants at two of its buildings in... More >